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Are you looking for the best institute for Digital Marketing Training in Zirakpur? We provide digital marketing training classes with live projects by expert trainers in Zirakpur. Our digital marketing training program in Zirakpur is specifically designed for students, undergraduates, graduates, working professionals and freelancers. We facilitate end-to-end learning on the digital marketing domain with deep dives to create a winning career for each profile.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing training is the marketing of your products or services using digital platforms, primarily on the Internet, but including mobile phones, tablets, display/search / video advertising and any other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Digital marketing platforms are based on Internet systems that can generate, speed, promote and communicate product value from manufacturer to terminal consumer by digital or social platforms. You can reach millions of customers every day by promoting your products and services on various digital and social platforms.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Executive Skills

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

In this module, we will introduce you to digital marketing from the beginning. Keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds of our students, we teach our students the basics of digital marketing. In class we will discuss the following topics:

2. Website Planning and Creation

Businesses create a website to generate leads, increase their credibility among consumers, and deliver their marketing message. Today, no matter how small the business, they still have a website. Due to its increasing importance, we teach you to create a website from scratch on WordPress.

In this module, we teach you the different elements of a website and every function WordPress can perform. In class, we will tell you all the information you need to know to create a website from the beginning. We will teach you how to add content, how to install and activate plugins, and how to incorporate design elements into your website.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is essentially making changes to your website, so it organically ranks first on the search engine results page (SERP). This is arguably the heaviest part of the curriculum, however, with our teaching methods and support we make it easy for our students.

In this module, you will learn about various search engines and their algorithms. You will learn about various factors to make a website rank on the search engine results page. Our instructors will help you master various aspects of SEO such as on-page and off-page optimization, keyword research, meta tags, meta descriptions, link building, and more.

4. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or SEM involves the advertisement of a referenced website with paid efforts mainly by increasing its visibility on the search engine’s results page (SERP). In our course, we will teach you to do SEM activities through Google advertising platform.

Our coach will take you through all the features of the Google advertising platform and its algorithm, based on which ads rank on the SERP. Next, we will train you to use Google Keyword Planner. Here you will learn about search volume, (CPC) cost-per-click, (CLV) customer lifetime value and other such metrics.

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5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) includes paid advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and advertisements to drive traffic to a referring website. In this syllabus, you will learn to create effective social media strategies on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat and TikTok.

You will learn to target the right audience, create a social media campaign, write ad copies and ad creatives. Additionally, you will learn various metrics included in SMM such as cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-view (CPV), cost-per-effect (CPM) and more.

To increase our students’ understanding, we provide them with several case studies on successful social media strategies undertaken by brands and companies.

As the name suggests, mobile marketing is the act of promoting your business through mobile. In this module, we teach you how to promote your app, increas

6. Content Strategy

Content marketing is a comprehensive strategy to attract or retain a target audience by creating and sharing relevant and valuable content; To eventually implement a profitable action. This module consists of complete training sessions that present content marketing and its importance.

Here, you will get to know in depth how to capitalize different types of content and trending topics. Apart from this, you will also learn about content bucketing and creating social media content calendar for a brand. As part of this training, we will also show you a case study on successful content marketing strategies of brands.

7. Web Analytics

Web analytics is the study of analyzing the behavior of a website visitor. In this module, we will teach you how to track and analyze website visitor actions through Google Analytics.

Our instructor will take you through the entire Google Analytics interface and introduce you to all analytics terminology such as bounce rate, page views, session time, and more. We will teach you how to use Google Analytics to decode website audience, behavior and acquisition reports.

By the end of the module, you will learn how to track and extract information from a website visitor below the conversion funnel.

8. Digital Media Planning and Buying

Media planning is determining when, where and how often to advertise to maximize conversions and ROI. In this module, we teach you what to buy media and its various types. We familiarize you with purchasing all media such as cost-per-install (CPI), cost-per-order (CPO), cost-per-acquisition (CPA), click-through-rate (CTR), and more.

We will also transition to platform-based advertising space and media planning and budgeting. You will specialize in creating an effective media plan and purchasing strategy by the end of the course.

9. Web Remarketing

Web remarketing is the process of using JavaScript tags to serve targeted advertisements to consumers who have visited or acted on your website. In this module, we will teach you the basics of remarketing and how to create a remarketing list.

In our web remarketing training, we will train you to create remarketing lists on Google ads using the Google Ads tag and using your Facebook Pixel code on Facebook. Additionally, we will also make dynamic remarketing and case studies on this.

10. Email Marketing

In layman terms, email marketing is the process of using electronic mail to communicate commercial messages to the current or potential consumer. In this module you will learn about the types of emails and how to create an attractive email; Essentially a conversion from a consumer or to drive an action.

Our expert trainers will show you how to build the right customer list and build a database by segmenting based on demographics, method of acquisition, target group, etc. We will also equip you with email marketing tools and software to help you design attractive emails. In addition, we will teach you how to automate email and extract information from email campaign analytics.

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11. Design Essentials

To be a successful digital marketer, you need to understand the importance of the role played by design. Therefore, in the module, we help you understand the aesthetics of a brand and delve deeper into various essentials of design such as typography, colors and themes.

With the help of a case study, we teach you the various features of an advertisement. By the end of this module, you will have a basic understanding of design that will help you create engaging creatives.

12. Mobile Marketing

e app installation, analyze app metrics and app store optimization (ASO). In addition, we teach you how to increase app engagement through in-app advertising, in-app messaging and push notifications.

Another aspect of our mobile marketing training focuses on organized mobile web analytics and mobile display advertising.

13. E-Commerce Management

E-commerce management is the task of managing an e-commerce store and activities to ensure a positive customer buying experience. In this module, we will delve into e-commerce, its variants and how to build an e-commerce website from scratch.

We will then go on to learn about the essentials of the e-commerce business, including e-commerce marketing, product keyword research, inventory management, supply chain management, packaging and shipping, selling on online platforms, online marketplaces and businesses. Uploading of products is included. Procedures.

14. Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management or ORM is the act of controlling or influencing the perception of a brand, company, or individual on the Internet. We begin by familiarizing you with ORM and helping to explain its importance by providing you with negative interactions or poor ORM examples of brands.

We further teach you the steps to effective online reputation management and introduce you to the tools to do so. Apart from this, we also teach you crisis management to give you a deeper understanding of ORM.

15. Adsense, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

We introduce you to the terms of affiliate marketing, AdSense and blogging. Through this module, you will learn how to monetize a blog or website through Adsense and affiliate marketing. We teach you how to leverage the power of Google Adsense and YouTube Adsense to generate revenue from a website or blog. Additionally, you will also learn how to write creative content that is SEO friendly.

Importance & Benefits of Digital Marketing

1.Better Reach

Nowadays, many people around the world are spending their time online. They are browsing the internet and searching for your products. To benefit from this massive audience base, it is important to maximize your online presence. This is where digital marketing comes into the picture. Digital marketing is about reaching the right people at the right time. Therefore, to start, there should be an attractive online store with easy navigation to reach the audience.

In the process, various mediums within digital marketing can ultimately help in brand building – pay per click marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and many more.

2.Can compete with large corporations

Competitive analysis is an important activity in digital marketing. The activity is necessary to maintain competition especially among fast growing brands like Myntra, Amazon, Big Basket, Walmart.

Businesses also try to push the envelope with multichannel marketing which includes PPC, SEO, social media and many other mediums. The approach helps both small and large businesses achieve their respective goals, leveling the field.

3.Increase in Brand Awareness for small businesses

Digital marketing is a boon for businesses. Large companies use digital marketing to help them remain stable in a competitive environment. Conversely, small businesses use online marketing to create an edge in a rapidly growing market and create brand awareness among large companies.

4.Increase in Sales

One of the key aspects, when it comes to the importance of digital marketing, is that one can measure their CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) in real time. Data can help understand the overall percentage of searches that are converted into leads by purchasing products. PPC, Social Media Marketing, SEO Services, Affiliate Marketing are some of the active channels for communication and achieving high conversions.

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5.Return on investment

If you want to know the value of digital media, look at the profit and loss measurement matrix that is run for the business. ROI in digital marketing defines the value of your marketing campaigns. For example, when compared with other mediums such as e-mail marketing, content marketing, PPC, social media campaigns; SEO is known to generate high ROI. From basic metrics such as session and bounce rate, organic traffic generated by SEO shows 40% higher revenue growth than any other marketing strategies.

6.Maintaining The Brand Reputation

Developing a strong brand reputation has become very important in the online world as the brand’s reputation strengthens its ability to sustain in the market. Which can further reiterate the importance of digital marketing in this aspect.

7.Can target ideal audiences

Imagine, it is such a great opportunity to reach the right audience for your business. This is exactly what digital marketing helps achieve. You can analyze the behavior of your audience online and take measures to provide optimal fulfillment. When you reach the right audience group, you drive more traffic, and this results in a better campaign.

8.Get Ahead of Your Competitor

The digital market is incredibly competitive when it comes to online business in particular. Therefore, you want potential customers to meet you with their best reviews and other measures initiated by various digital marketing services. These measures can make you and your customer work towards the right business goals in the end.

Furthermore, for any successful business, one needs to keep track of the activities of their competitor. How do they communicate with customers? What makes them unique? Competitive analysis can help you understand all the above questions and develop strategies that work best in your favor.

9.Different Channels To Boost Your Traffic

One can use many different methods to make their business successful in the marketing world. Business owners have the freedom to leverage SEO services, PPC services, content marketing services, and even social media campaigns to boost traffic to their website.

10.Engagement with Mobile Customers

We are entangling ourselves in a portable world, because these days people carry their devices such as smartphones and laptops. After Google’s mobile-first update, almost all websites are developed in such a way that they are easily available on mobile as well.

Perhaps, mobile users are now more common than ever, and there is a possibility that mobile users are likely to buy.

11.Take Your Business International

The importance of digital marketing comes to a large extent when it comes to the reach of business abroad. With the help of digital marketing services, you can connect with international customers and work with them to expand your business worldwide.

The change is constant! The scope of digital marketing continues to evolve with incredible flexibility and competitive technologies. But how does your website measure on the digital marketing front?

12.Helps in Tracking & taking Actions

One of the most common issues that market faces is finding ways to track and measure the success rates of various digital marketing mediums. But there are tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ads Manager etc. that pull in data and help to measure the performance of search engine campaigns among different audiences.

In addition, there are various tools that help define measurable metrics to help monitor performance tracking and take the necessary steps. The prime examples of such tools are Screaming Frog, Aharef, Semrush. These tools help in analyzing competitor’s activity and provide data that helps businesses make more informed decisions.

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