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PPC Training in Kharar offers PPC Training, providing Software training based on Corporate level standards that help our students to be prepared for industries. We provide the best PPC training, PPC training in Kharar is one of the best results-oriented Google Adwords Training Institute, offers best practices, experimental knowledge in best PPC training. PPC training institute in Kharar, a trainer with 10+ years of experience in managing real-time projects. We provide a basic to advanced level of PPC Training in Kharar with live projects with 100% job placement assistance with top industries.

PPC Training Center in Kharar is the most effective training for this technology. Our training methods have proven to be the foremost effective with practical approach and well trained expert trainers.

We at PPC Training Institute in Kharar, provide additional materials that might help the learner within the future. People who join us are going to be given their own student login and learning material whilst also being given resume preparation, interpret interviews, technical interviews, and employment on the technology.

PPC Course in Kharar covers all aspects from basics to advanced level, Hence is well matched for aspirants of all levels. Our trainers are experts from Multinational Corporations with over 10 years of experience.

PPC Training Institute in Kharar provides insight into the economic applications of the technology. Our expert trainers will train you to crack the duty openings at top MNCs while offering a practical insight into the course.

PPC Training Center in Kharar with Placement is going to be given 24×7 live help, supporting them to find their best for work arrangement. The competitors are sent for interviews on a per-week premise until all of them are set. Get in-tuned with us for a free demo class.

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the tools you can use to promote your business in the online world. The PPC Model works in a very easy way and this is why it is so popular. In short, you run your ads and you pay when someone clicks on your ad. There are several Pay Per Click platforms you can use but the most known are Google Ads and Bing Ads. If you are new to PPC, you should join the PPC Training Institute in Kharar. We will help you to learn PPC perfectly.

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Syllabus of PPC Training in Kharar

Module 1: Introduction

  • Creating a Google Ads Account
  • Apply and get $100 Ad Credit from Google

Module 2: Keyword Match Types and Quality Score

  • What is Keyword Match Types?
  • Diving Deep into Keyword Match Types
  • What is Quality Score and its Importance?
  • How to check the Quality Score of your Ad?
  • How to use Keyword Match kinds to get better results?

Module 3: Keyword Research

  • Keyword Research Tools
  • How to do Keyword Research?

Module 4: Search Ad Campaign

  • What are Ad Groups and why they are important?
  • Ingredients of a Good Search Ad
  • Creating a Search Ad

Module 5: Display Ad Campaign

  • Getting Started With Display Ads
  • Overview of Dashboard and UI
  • Targeting an Audience with Pin Mode
  • Best Bid Strategy for Display Ads
  • Setting up Daily Budget
  • Defining the Audience for the Campaign
  • Content Targeting for Display Ads
  • Responsive Display Ads
  • How to create Custom Display Ads without Hiring a Designer
  • Creating GIF Ad Banners
  • Smart Display Ad Campaign
  • Gmail Ads Setup

Module 6: Advertising on Youtube and Playstore

  • Getting Started with Youtube Ads
  • Location and Language Targeting
  • Frequency Capping, Ad Scheduling, and Device Targeting
  • Demographics and Audience Targeting
  • Different types of Bidding Strategies for Youtube Ads
  • Creating and Publishing Bumper Ads
  • In-stream Ads on Youtube
  • Video Discovery Ad
  • Non-Skippable in-stream ad
  • Outstream Ads – how they work?
  • What is AD Sequence and how to use AD on Youtube?
  • Ad Sequence – Part 2
  • Universal App Campaign on Playstore

Module 7: [ Bonus Module ] Remarketing on Google Display Network and Youtube

  • What is remarketing and how it works
  • Deploying Tracking Code in your website
  • Defining the Audience for the campaign
  • Creating a Remarketing Campaign
  • Remarketing on Youtube
  • Retargeting your Youtube Viewers on GDN
  • Conversion Tracking

Module 8: Google Ads with Analytics & Tag Manager

  • Linking Google Ads Account with Google Analytics
  • Creating an Audience for Remarketing in Google Analytics
  • Remarketing with Analytics Audience
  • Remarketing with Google Tag Manager
  • Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Module 9: Slides For Your Reference

  • Advanced Bidding Strategies For Search Ads
  • Tips To Advertise on Display Network

Benefits of PPC Course

Get immediate, daily results.

  • The moment you make a PPC campaign active, ads start appearing on all your chosen platforms. With PPC advertising, you don’t have to waste your time waiting for results. Your campaigns begin instantly, so you can crumb success immediately as a result.

Boost website traffic.

  • By linking your ads to related landing pages, you can increase traffic across your entire company website. Directing a customer to one page often gives rise to them to explore, too. Plus, these audiences will be people already searching for—and therefore interested in—your business, making them more likely leads for a sale.
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Increase leads and sales.

  • More traffic on websites means more leads, right? As we mentioned before, these visitors will already have an interest in your service or product. By using landing pages related to specific searches, you can convert interested audiences into paying customers, thereby turning those leads into sales.

It’s measurable and trackable.

  • PPC advertising gives you full gain to your campaign results. Measure success based on the keyword, advertisement, or placements to decide which details the audience best responds to. You can even A/B test ads or install conversion tracking on your website. That way, you can take note of what’s working or what’s not.

You have full control.

  • As you start to recognize what’s working within your campaigns, you can make random changes as required to boost results. That means control over messaging, where your ads are shown, how often those ads are shown, and how much you pay daily or per click. Unlike radio, television, and print advertising, digital advertising allows you to modify messaging and targeting on the spot.

PPC is budget-friendly.

  • As you might have obtained from the name, you only pay for PPC advertising when someone clicks on your ad. You can alter your campaign settings to create a daily budget, as well as a cost-per-click budget, so you never pay more than you’ve allocated for your advertising plans. However, it’s possible to waste your budget if you’re not using the proper advertising techniques.

Career path & Job Profiles in PPC

The increase in digital devices has made people more IT Specialists and has led all businesses to be digitized. The revenue that marketers are creating through PPC is quite unbelievable. So integrating PPC in digital marketing strategies has become unavoidable. There is also flexibility in budget allotment according to the requirement or necessity. These features have impressed many leading companies and there is a huge demand for PPC experts. The Job profiles are listed below.

  • PPC Executive
  • PPC Manager
  • PPC Engineer
  • PPC Head
  • PPC Analyst
  • PPC Accounts manager

PPC is the only fast solution to increase leads and to increase the traffic of your website. To experience a higher ROI you are required to get trained on PPC.

Job Placement after PPC Training in Kharar

PPC Training in Kharar offers placement opportunities as an add-on to every student / professional who completed our classroom or online training. Some of our candidates are working in these companies listed below.

  • We are tied up with top MNC and IT Firms. It makes us capable to place our students in top MNCs all over the world
  • We have separate learner’s portals for placement, here you will get all the interview schedules and we notify you via Emails.
  • After completion of 70% PPC course – PPC Training course content, we will arrange the interview calls to students & prepare our learners for F2F interaction
  • PPC expert trainers assist students in developing their resumes matching the current industry requirements.
  • We have a committed Placement support team wing that assists students in securing placement according to their requirements
  • We will schedule Mock Exams & Mock Interviews to find out the GAP in Candidate Knowledge
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Why us for PPC Training in Kharar?

  • PPC Training in Kharar is designed according to the current IT industry
  • PPC Training Institute in Kharar is scheduled on weekdays, weekends. Also, candidates can choose a customized schedule according to requirements
  • PPC Training Center in Kharar has got a collaboration of 500+ MNCs and MLCs from the industry, that helps the trainees during their placement.
  • Our team of trainers is industry experts with more than ten years of training experience.
  • We not only to assist students in executing live projects but also to hold a preparatory session for the interview along with community outreach.
  • The ultra-modern I.T laboratory is designed with the latest infrastructure. Our laboratory is open 365 days a year. Students, at their care, may use the lab to complete projects and practice technical tasks
  • Our classrooms are furnished with state-of-the-art I.T infrastructure, such as projectors, racks, Wi-Fi
  • We provide our students with a room with a glass door and a discussion area to increase their learning and learning skills
  • We also plan for seminars on personal development and presentation skills
  • We help students, at no cost, study, teaching materials, copies of PDF files, video training, sample questions for certification and interview questions, and lab guides that are available on our site for fast access and also lifetime access to candidates portal for course materials in all format
  • Practically oriented domain-specific training is provided, to suit the needs of the industry Being a corporate training institute, at PPC training in Kharar is provided at its corporate facility having state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Trainees at the PPC training center in Kharar are provided with unlimited interview calls, until the time they are placed.
  • Add on training modules cover soft skills, communication skills, interview-based training, etc., to make sure the overall development of the trainees.
  • Our trainers provide you individual attention. To develop students’ knowledge of complex technical concepts are passed on through simple training We also Provide Internships for freshers with certification. Our certificates are recognized worldwide after the course completion.

"PPC Training in Kharar"

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