English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

English Speaking Coaching Classes

Our Institute Offers English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh that are designed to develop a student’s ability to write and communicate effectively. We are committed to providing English Speaking Coaching Classes with quality that is aimed to benefit students professionally and personally. Special consideration is given to job aspirants under all the English Speaking Coaching Classes by conducting scenario-based training to help them in job placements, these results in drastic improvement in confidence while facing any interview. Further, these skills can be used within the challenging corporate environment.

Most of the IT and non-IT students find it very difficult to communicate effectively even though they possess the necessary skills to carry out high-end jobs, resulting in decreased job placements. This applies to both Written and Spoken forms of English communication. Lack of Effective English Communication holds them back from applying to higher positions within the organization. Our Institute of technology is here to help Job Aspirants, Professionals, and Parents who wish to improve their communication.

We encourage Students to Speak only in English regardless of their background; this removes any fear such as inferior complexity that students might have and helps in developing their confidence from day one. Our streamlined process to teach English Speaking has helped thousands of students to practice and learn at the same time. This practical approach has been appreciated by many students and we have been rated as one of the Best English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh.

We Cover the following Topics in English Speaking Coaching Training

The students learn to pronounce, read, and write. They acquire their knowledge of fundamental grammatical structures and functions (e.g. sentence types, tenses, voice, parts of speech, word order, expressing possibility, obligation, necessity, prohibition, criticism; expressing preferences, making assumptions; asking for/ refusing/giving permission; making offers, suggestions, etc.) They acquire their fundamental vocabulary to fulfill the above-mentioned functions in roles, topics, and discussions. The students are also taught to be able to converse on different topics (people, jobs, places to visit, festivals/celebrations, disasters/accidents, eating habits, sports/hobbies, environment, education, entertainment, transport, crime, etc.

Course Content for English Speaking Language Classes


Free Speech on topics such as:

  • One stormy night
  • Most memorable trip
  • Health is wealth
  • Pollution
  • Role Plays
  • At the breakfast table
  • A meeting at the bus-stop
  • A meeting between two friends
  • Inviting a friend over to your birthday party
  • Congratulating a friend on getting a job or offering condolences to a bereaved family on a loss of a dear one
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Vocabulary Building

Passage reading & writing( topics such as )

  • Opera
  • The Wolf
  • The tempest

General Discussion( on a wide range of topics)

  • My most memorable photograph
  • Why it is the most memorable photograph
  • Who had taken the photograph & when
  • My most favorite animal/do you have any pets?
  • How do you like to spend time with the pet?
  • How creative are you?

English Grammar

  • Introduction
  • Sentence pattern
  • Parts Of Speech
    • Noun
    • Pronoun
    • Adjective
    • Verb
    • Adverb
    • Preposition
    • Interjection
    • Conjunction


  • Definite
  • Indefinite



  • Present Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Present Tense
  • Present Continuous
  • Past Continuous
  • Present Perfect
  • Past Perfect
  • Future Perfect
  • Present perfect Continuous
  • Future perfect continuous
  • Framing of simple sentences

Written Communication

  • Composition-50 words
  • Semi-Formal Letters-Lease Application

Who can benefit from the English speaking course?


  • The course is designed for students, freshers, working professionals, and experts who want to brush up their skills or upskill themselves.


  • The course is best for those who want to move up to management or sales and customer roles in their office or want to apply for such roles.


  • The course is also designed for working professionals who are in mid and upper management. English speaking will be taught by experts that match corporate training standards.

The course aims at developing a wide range of communication skills used in English:

  • Language Development, which involves grammar and extensive vocabulary learning
  • Writing skills, which have a specific focus on literacy and short essays, memorandum, notes
  • Reading, which involves the study of instructional business-related texts of topical relevance
  • Listening, which includes comprehension of ideas and detailed information
  • Communication skills, which cover communication situations (within the framework of qualification and proficiency of the student)

Course objectives: The main objectives of the syllabus are:

  • To help the students to learn the pronunciation of the English sounds, to learn to read, write, and to know the fundamentals of English grammar and vocabulary;
  • To develop the students’ reading skills to enable them to skim an adapted text for the main idea, to scan an adapted text for specific information, to interpret an adapted text for inferences;
  • To develop the students’ writing skills to enable them to respond to input applying the information to a specified task, to elicit, to select, to summarize information in essays (140-160 words);
  • To develop the students’ listening skills to enable them to understand and apply specific information from the input to develop the students’ speaking skills to enable them to use general, social, and professional language (to develop the students’ general capacity to a level that enables them to use English in their professional and academic environment)
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How to become a confident English speaker?

Our students say that they have noticed a visible change in the confidence level after joining the English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh. Knowledge and judgmental attitude make us be paralyzed which we at English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh change to a positive attitude. At our institute, we train the students for conversing with a small group of students, converse with native speakers through chat, converse with a large group of people, and one to one conversations. Different scenarios are given with a relevant topic to speak which transforms the learners into confident English speakers.

Why is fluency important in English?

Fluency in the English language is acquired through practice and regular practice. Our Indian education system works with the process of writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Fluency in the English language is known only through the last part which is the speaking part. We offer assignments for speaking, examples for speaking, and evaluate the students for their betterment. Wrong habits are easily adopted by students when speaking and hence we handle the speaking part with personal interest to make them correct.

What will be the career growth for professionals with English knowledge?

Growth is very much associated with the knowledge of English for different job roles. We offer the English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh to make the working professionals and beginners successful in their profession. People migrate to different foreign countries to grow in their careers for which English is needed. Students planning for on-site opportunities will gain a lot of knowledge like accent, cross-culture information, and dressing knowledge from English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh.

Jobs with exposure to traveling and communicating are business analyst, data analyst, financial analyst, medical professionals, marketing professionals, media people, journalists, tourist guides, advocates, and IT professionals. Those who fix these above-said jobs will need proficiency in the language as their primary role is communicating with different types of people. After learning English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh the learners will experience manifold opportunities. English speaking increases job opportunities and also helps learners to accomplish their organizational goals in their respective professions.

Advantages of learning English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

  • Clearing certification exams like TOEFL, IELTS becomes easy with constant support from the trainers.
  • We offer high-speed internet during the classes to show the online videos, audios, and learning materials for better understanding.
  • Placement assistance after the completion of English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh has unmatched worth.
  • We provide convenient timing as per the comfort of the learners
  • We motivate the students with discounts if they are old students or join the class with a group of five or more.

Why Choose us for English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh?.

English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh is the leading provider of English Speaking courses in Chandigarh. Our intensive English speaking classes will help you advance your chances of cracking an interview, Countering successfully negotiating a business deal, or asking for promotions at the workplace. We will prepare you to gain confidence and a personal development plan to beat any difficulty that is not necessarily coming your way and to tackle situations like speaking at the conferences, lecturing for the first time, presenting yourself at company conferences or meetings, appearing in the critical interviews. Here you will develop your linguistic abilities and exude/brim with confidence to deliver sound messages in English to your audience under the guidance of our expert faculty.

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Join English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh to help to get a major boost to your career in whichever resource or field. It is well known that superior English speaking is the key to much stuff successes in a lot of areas and A foremost need for working professionals or businesspeople. We work on improving your English Language skills along with personality development to enhance your career and give a facelift to it.

The most prominent skill needed for using any language is speaking. Since the participants are those who are already using a bit of English, this course has a major aspect of placing emphasis on speaking when it comes to learning the various nuances of the language. The emphasis is based on the applicant’s interests and needs. The English language is considered the most difficult for non-native speakers but speaking skills can be improved steadily with practice sessions and the entire program is designed suitably with unique strategies and methods to achieve it.

Our English Speaking Coaching Classes Targets:

If you feel hesitant while facing an interview or how to feel it is a challenge to present yourself to an interviewer, do not worry, we give the fundamentals to job searches by helping you with grammar, vocabulary skills, fluency development, communication skills, interview cracking skills, presentation skills, comparative skills, and writing skills to crack the interview with confidence and grab a good job.

Course for Working Professionals

If you find it difficult to express your ideas, go blank while addressing something important, or get confused while reporting something to your boss, this course will help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, corporate communication skills, group discussion skills, presentation skills, and email writing skills and can help you become more confident at your end and prosper in your careers with promotions.

Course for Multipurpose

whether you are a student, a businessman, a working professional, or a housewife, this course will help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, general communication skills, language fluency, and enhance personality development that will facilitate cross-cultural communication with people coming from different regions and nations which can overall improve the quality of life.

On-Location Training At Companies

Our experienced faculty visits the company locations to conduct on-location training sessions for the workforce. These sessions are highly effective because we lead reassessment to comprehend the language levels and necessities of the members. We additionally provide post-assessments and reports for the HR department for the improvement of the communication abilities of the workforce.

"English Speaking Coaching Classes in Chandigarh"

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